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An online store for the international designer and manufacturer of jewelry - Gregg Ruth.

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Norhla creates products that are deeply connected to the natural habitat & cultural history of the Tibetan region. They purchase their primary fiber, yak khullu, from local nomads whose herding traditions on the high plateau date back hundreds of years.

We have worked with Norhla team on an ongoing basis to improve website's appearance and functionality for users.

Tags: Shopify development, Responsive design


PLAIISHOP provides branded behavioral health content and content marketing strategies to promote EAPs, private practices and related services.

We've redesigned the website, added new pages and moved the website to a new Shopify theme with sections

Tags: Shopify development, Responsive design

ESports nutrition company from Germany. Runtime provides a replacement for junk food and lack of anything better to eat at events and on the go.

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Paper Republic

Paper Republic is the original brand of leather covers and accessories.

We've created and set up a Shopify store from scratch based on design layouts. Additional functionality was added with applications from Shopify App Store.

Tags: Shopify development, Responsive design

Waist Trainers

Colombia Y SU Moda designs and manufactures premium shapewear products in its own Colombia-based manufacturing plants. CYSM has over 20 years presence in the international marketplace.

We've developed a landing page for Colombia Y SU Moda to provide waist trainers exclusively and helped to improve the main website.

Tags: Shopify development, Landing Page, Responsive design


Trustev is a platform that helps its customers (retailers and financial companies) stop online fraud, automatically.

We have developed the website based on a provided design using HubSpot platform.

Tags: HubSpot development, Responsive design

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