Designer and Manufacturer
of Fine Jewelry Based

GR Precious Color Inc

Gregg Ruth is a world-famous jewelry company, founded in 1981. Gregg Ruth is a designer and manufacturer of precious jewelry based in New York City. They have more than 12 000 people in offices around Europe, Australia, Asia, Africa. The company creates fascinating jewels using diamonds, sapphires, rubies and other rare precious stones. Gregg Ruth perfectly combines classic and modern style in their collections, and use a personal patented technique for jewelry creation process.

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The store owners planned to use tablets for physical sales at retailer's stores. They wanted to sell products for retailers at wholesale prices and for customers (people visiting retail stores physically) at retail prices.


The client wanted to create 2 online stores with different prices. Instead, we suggested them, as like Shopify specialists, to use two modes (retail/wholesale) in one store.

Retailers can switch between 2 store modes, simply by clicking on the button in the header. Thus, the retailer can show products to the buyer (with retailer prices) and at the same time retailer can order products at wholesale prices.


Web Design

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We optimized page for the best user experience via all devices. Website's speed and usability were our main aims. And we've improved them.

gregg ruth mobile version gregg ruth mobile version gregg ruth mobile version


gregg-ruth product page

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The store owner receives notifications about all registrations. The owner assigns retail and wholesale tags to buyers. Depending on the tag, users see different prices, have different header menu and options.

A buyer himself can add products to his wishlist and send the wishlist to the shop owners. After that the nearest retailer contacts him.

The client wanted to create an order form automatically in Excel and PDF formats for print. Both Excel and PDF version had to be identical - in content and in appearance. Our backend developers fulfilled this requirement. They used the PHPExcel libraries to generate the Excel file and the LibreOffice office system to convert files to PDF.

gregg ruth content and layout


Our team has created B2B and B2C e-commerce website on Shopify.
The store owner can track registered users and assigns roles to them. It is very important features for this store, because they have a different sales system.
Accordingly, one store satisfies 2 different target audiences at the same time.


August, 2017

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